I’ve got my scripts on, in the hopes that they’ll be seen and read by producers looking for new properties. Inktip is a legit site, they do a decent job screening the “producers”, vetting their resumes before allowing them access so we can be reasonably assured that whoever is looking at our stuff is not a poser. It costs for writers to post their features, which run for six months.

Producers can go into the system, run a search (for, say, a “family comedy” with a budget under 10M) and with any luck, your entry turns up in their search results as a title and a logline.

Then, they can click through to view your synopsis, and even download your script to read. From there, they contact you to buy it and produce it starring whatever reality-show loser was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel the week before, and pay you loads of money for the privilege.  (Don’t tell me that’s not how it works… lalalalala!)

We’ve had a crapload of producers see our logline (it turned up in their results, anyway — whether they read it or not is another matter). We’ve had exactly 14 go on to the synopsis. And exactly ONE actually download the script. It was Cube Vision… Ice Cube’s prodco, responsible for films like Barber Shop, Are We There Yet and Are We Done Yet. I think the script could be perfect for them, with some tweaking. But alas, we heard nothing. Weird thing is (as allowed by the rules) I dropped them a line (snail mail) to the address listed, and it bounced back “No Longer At This Address”. So we’ll never know what happened.

Oh well. Maybe I should pitch something called “Are We Sold Yet”.

The jury’s out on inktip… I’d like to have had more action after nine months, but I’ll let it ride a while longer.

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  1. My first book, Listening To Ghosts’ (Xlibris Press), a memoir was relaesed in April of 2010. I recently published my second book, Fighting Bob’ (AuthorHouse), a historical novel this past July.I am currently collaborating with a production company in California to develop a screenplay for Fighting Bob’ but I do feel that the first book may have potential for a film.I’d like to list Listening To Ghosts’ in your next Writers Pitch Book release an would like some specifics as to payment type and method, etc.There are brief book descriptions and bios on my website, above.Thank you,Bob StocktonB.A., UNF 1980, M.S.H., UNF 1982

    1. Varsha, I fear you misunderstand… I am not Inktip. I recommend you contact Inktip directly at Good luck.

      If, on the other hand, you are a spambot (which I kind of suspect you are) you probably aren’t even reading this.

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