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You know how it’s a struggle to connect with your audiences in a meaningful way?

I help solve this.

I do this by helping you find and share the story that emotionally engages your audience.

Storytelling is what makes people people.

Storytelling is what makes marketing campaigns, movies, and books connect with their audiences on an emotional level and invites them to engage.

To convert. To turn the page. To ask for more. To take the next step.

Because that’s what matters once you have someone’s attention.

The. Next. Step.

I love helping writers, filmmakers, marketers, and businesses define and refine their stories and share them in a compelling way that emotionally engages their known audiences.

As a marketer, a screenwriter, a director, a production designer, and an illustrator, I’ve helped campaigns, movies, and books deliver their messages with greater focus, efficiency, and humanity.

My articles on writing and storytelling have been cited, referenced, or quoted by SimplyScripts, Script Magazine, the BlueCat Newsletter, IndieWire,, Bleeding Cool, ScriptTips, Scriptchat,, No Film School, and Wikipedia.

I’d like to help you tell your story.