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You have a story to tell. I want to help. Marketing Writer | Screenwriter | Illustrator | Director | Voice Talent

Marketing Writing – agency only

I specialize in compelling, succinct copy that delivers your message in your voice, and moves readers to convert. Direct response and conversion centric. If you need email content, tweets or blog posts that drive visitors to take action, I may be your answer. Let me help you tell your story. See samples.

Screenwriter – non-union, negotiable

marketing writing, screenplays

I’m a professional indie screenwriter in a variety of genres, with several sales and options, and multiple shorts, industrials, and radio plays produced. I’m also a screenplay judge and pre-screener for film festivals.

Screenplay feedback

See samples.

“The script is great! You hit it on the head, good job! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the near future.”
- Mark Saia, Producer, Digital Media Factory

Illustration – $60/hour

art and illustration - children's books, magazines, products

You need an illustrator. I like to draw. It’s a match made in heaven.

How long things take depends in part on the medium (painting takes longer than cartooning, color takes longer than black-and-white) and in part on the feedback cycles.

The fewer rounds it takes to arrive at final designs, the more you save.

Children’s books usually work out to around $180 per page.

Dude, that is such a steal.

See the portfolio.

“What makes Chip unique in my experience is he has the raw creative, artistic talent and skills of a beatnik, combined with the buttoned-down executive type demeanor and punctuality of a CPA firm partner. I don’t remember Chip ever missing a deadline, and I have been consistently thrilled by his work.”
- Drew Freeman, Publisher, Aardvark Adventure Stories

Film Director – non-union, negotiable

filmmaking - director producer

I’ve worked on several features as a production designer, art director and prop designer. As a producer/director I’ve worked on shorts and industrials, and I’m looking for my first feature project. Is yours the one?

“We have worked with many directors in a variety of productions, and can assert without any doubt that Chip created the most organized and well-run environment of them all. Not only did he start and finish on schedule, but the set was a fun and relaxed place to be. We at The Cosmo Factory would relish any opportunity to work with Chip again.”
- Kaia Cornell, Assistant Director, The Cosmo Factory

Voice Talent – non-union

See my profile on Voices.com

I use the rate sheet here: Voices.com/rates