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You know how it’s a struggle to connect with your audiences in a meaningful way?

I help solve this.

I do this by helping you find and share the story that emotionally engages your audience.

Storytelling is what makes people people.

Storytelling is what makes marketing campaigns, movies, and books connect with their audiences on an emotional level and invites them to engage.

To convert. To turn the page. To ask for more. To take the next step.

Because that’s what matters once you have someone’s attention.

The. Next. Step.

I love helping writers, filmmakers, marketers, and businesses define and refine their stories and share them in a compelling way that emotionally engages their known audiences.

As a marketer, a screenwriter, a director, a production designer, and an illustrator, I’ve helped campaigns, movies, and books deliver their messages with greater focus, efficiency, and humanity.

My articles on writing and storytelling have been cited, referenced, or quoted by SimplyScripts, Script Magazine, the BlueCat Newsletter, IndieWire,, Bleeding Cool, ScriptTips, Scriptchat,, No Film School, and Wikipedia.

I’d like to help you tell your story.

What They Say

“At last, a writer who thinks like me. Only better.”
– Jessica Bowman, SEOinHouse


“Chip is the best film director I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is focused, professional, and 100-percent dedicated to transforming the written word into sights and sounds that move you. He gives his actors and crew clear direction, is incredibly receptive to input, and relentlessly detail oriented. I’d work with Chip again any time, anywhere.”
– Chad Davies, Actor


“We have worked with many directors in a variety of productions, and can assert without any doubt that Chip created the most organized and well-run environment of them all. Not only did he start and finish on schedule, but the set was a fun and relaxed place to be. We at The Cosmo Factory would relish any opportunity to work with Chip again.”
– Kaia Cornell, HMU, The Cosmo Factory


“Chip is a quality director who brings the magic to the table by staying true to the vision of the project while providing the actor a sense of freedom and exploration for character development.”
– Gina Marie Camp, Co-Star, Arrangements


“Chip is a damn good script reader because he’s a damn good script writer. He takes his kid gloves off and delivers honest, on point and actionable notes. My scripts would not in the shape they are without his professional input and insightful feedback. Because of Chip’s professional script feedback, my entire approach to writing now goes to 11, not just my screenplay. Thanks Chip!”
– Jeff Palmer, Writer/Producer/Director, Competition finalist and winner, On The Fringe, The Sleeping Deep


“I’ve paid for script coverage before, but this was by far the most comprehensive and helpful feedback I’ve ever received. Extremely thought-provoking. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this considered and thorough reading. Back to the drawing board – with a much better sense of what to do now that I have your insights!!”
– Madeline Goff, poet, screenwriter, competition finalist, Gemini’s Children


“I’m so grateful for the feedback on the script – I don’t think it would have gotten to a better place on its own, regardless of how hard I tried. I spent a full year doing a re-write based on your notes, which I hope resulted in a better story. Thank you!!”
– Jason Nicholson, Writer/Producer, Dreamer’s Edge Trilogy


“The script is great! We love it! Chip is one of those great creative minds, who always brings something above and beyond. He is professional, proficient, and a true pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with him again in the near future.”
– Josh Gillick, Producer/Director, The Magic Paintbox, Sedona’s Rule


“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before. I also like the work you’ve done with the characters, making Lana a bit more assertive, introducing a couple of running jokes …”
– Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games


“Great job, Chip! [It] definitely gives the kid motive, and helps me in directing the scene.”
– Ram Hernandez, Writer/Producer/Director, Phoenix Falling


“The script is great! You hit it on the head, good job! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the near future.”
– Mark Saia, Producer, Digital Media Factory