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aea7f269.jpgThis post is probably only of interest to other authors making picture books for Kindle with the KKBP (Kindle Kids Book Publisher.)

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Making my first picture book for Kindle was fun and frustrating.

Specifically, understanding exactly how big the images needed to be to display properly on devices, and allow for text to be added.

I did a lot of digging around, and it’s not at all well documented.

Here’s what I found:

Below are the specs as per Amazon… mostly from discussion threads among users, rather than from Amazon themselves since their documentation sucks.

Then, below that, you’ll find what I did based on that to make it work.

Finally, there’s a few links listed for more info.


ASPECT RATIO: Use an aspect ratio of 8:5 or 5:8 for the images to fit Kindle devices. 

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width first to the height of an image.

For example, an image with an aspect ratio of 8:5 has 8 horizontal units to 5 vertical units – Landscape orientation. If an image has an aspect ratio is 5:8 that’s 5 horizontal units to 8 vertical units – Portrait orientation.

Some pixel-specific resolutions which fall under this 8:5 ratio are, 3840*2400, 1280*800 and 1920*1200.

RESOLUTION: Use a resolution of 300 dpi or 300 ppi for all images.

IMAGE FILE SIZE: The largest single image file KDP can accept is 5MB. If you submit a larger file, it will take much longer to convert and may fail completely, so it’s better to stay below these limits.

TEXT: If your image contains your text in it as part of the image, add pop-up over text for optimum user experience (this is a feature of the Kindle Kid’s Book Publisher.)

If you intend to insert text via the KKBP tool, you’ll still make your image the full size as per aspect ratio above, with a blank space for the text.


Originally I didn’t understand that my image needed to be the size of the screen – I guess I assumed that the KKBP software would create the page sizes correctly, and somehow ‘insert’ my image where it needed to be.

Even after I figured out the right image size, I found that the KKBP software ‘previewed’ my book with vertical and horizontal scroll bars, indicating (I thought) that my image was somehow too large for the screen.

Eventually, I realized that the KKBP software is suboptimal, and while it displays those scroll bars, the actual finished book works just fine. The ‘preview’ isn’t really entirely accurate.

That said, I made all my images as follows:

  • 300ppi
  • 2400 pixels wide by 3840 pixels tall
  • I left my text area blank and inserted text with the KKBP tool.

EXAMPLES: NOTE that the border is NOT part of my image, it’s only here to outline the actual image area for clarity.

KKBP image aspect ratio

If i had chosen to use a landscape (horizontal) layout, this is what I would have used:KKBP image aspect ratio


Hopefully this helps, and if anyone with more experience or insights can add to what I learned the hard way, please chime in! I’ll modify the posting to reflect any input.


Please refer to section #2.5 Adding Text of KKBC user guide that will help you with creating pop-ups over text:

Discussion Thread from Amazon April 2016:

Review the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines section 3.6 and section 4.3.3 here:

Aspect ratio calculator:


4 thoughts on “Formatting Images for Kindle Kid’s Book Publisher

  1. Thank you so much Chip.

    You are so wonderful to share this information.

    I have been searching for this advice for months. I am constantly confused with 5 ebooks published – all show differently from the Kindle previewer as part of KKC, my dowlnloaded KP3 and again the uploaded PREVIEW version on AMAZON.

    The lines at the side of the images drive me crazy as I am a bit of a perfectionist and want the kids to have the best read.


  2. Hi there Chip. Thanks for this post. Helpful.
    However … I can’t understand how it’s possible for you to have chosen 300ppi, and 2400 pixels by 3840 pixels, and get to a file size 2403 KB, which is listed on your Amazon page. I used those setting and my Mobi files save to just under 15mb (megabytes) and the images are al saved at low jpeg compression (40%) … actually I tried saving at 20% and made little difference. I even have less pages than you, mine is 19 pages and yours is 26 pages … yet my file is almost 15mb, yet yours is just under 2,5mb …. what am I doing wrong? Please help … any advice and help would be thoroughly appreciated.

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