Faeries Horror Screenplay Gets More Strong Reader Feedback

“Compelling, terrifying, disturbing, beautifully written.”

We’ve recently submitted the as-yet-unproduced Faeries horror screenplay to a few competitions, and just got the first set of coverage notes back. We think we did pretty well, and it only makes us more confident about the script.

Faeries horror screenplayThis is from the WildSound Screenplay Competition. We appreciate their kind words!

**** SPOILERS ****

“It’s a very compelling story, and the authors manage to draw terror from a very unlikely source. It’s hard to imagine faeries being particularly frightening, but in this piece, the author revamps them so creatively that they’re truly scary. The subplot about Sarah is disturbing as well. We feel a curious mixture of dread and sympathy when faced with this character. She’s clearly insane, but we can understand why.

It’s also tremendously satisfying to see a hero like Reese. She’s a smart, professional woman, but doesn’t feel the need to constantly brag about it. She also endures some terrible personal tragedies, from the loss of her baby to her head trauma to the death of her husband, but she doesn’t let these defeat her. She just picks herself up and moves on, preferring to fight rather than wallow in her defeat. It’s also admirable that although she knows Courtney slept with Nick, she responds calmly and puts it out of her mind when she and Courtney are trying to survive.

The writing itself is beautiful, and the authors maintain a brisk pace throughout the piece. There are also some wonderfully subtle moments of character development. For instance, we get the sense that Nick is still a nervous driver thanks to his accident. Without flat-out telling us that, the authors manage to convey it very effectively.”
WildSound Screenplay Competition

Once again, thanks WildSound!

Add that to the feedback we got from the Shriekfest Competition, and seems like we’re on the right track.

“A lively, unusual slasher movie that delivers plenty of gore, and introduces a new set of monsters that could be worth a franchise …”
Shriekfest Screenplay Competition

Now, anybody looking for a compelling, terrifying, disturbing, beautifully written horror movie that’s worth a franchise? I think I know where you can find one…



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