Here’s What’s Up

This is what I’m working on right now (that I can tell you about.)

Please Note: I am  currently booked for writing and design projects through the end of 2017.


Startup brand consultation – Helping a new professional training company find a brandable name, refine their positioning into printed and online assets, and launch their first website.

Spec screenplay – I’ve got a personal project that I’m hoping to shoot locally later this year. Knocking out the screenplay now. Horror thriller – “Bug” meets “Boxing Helena”.


January: Streaming training screenplays – I’ll be writing another 25 screenplays in January for my distance learning client.


Streaming training screenplays – 24 screenplays for my distance learning client — about 600 pages. COMPLETED

Streaming training screenplays – 14 screenplays for a video training provider. – COMPLETED

Edutainment animation final design – Final hi-rez designs to the animator for 15 minute edutainment project. – COMPLETED

Streaming training screenplays – 7 screenplays for a video training provider. – COMPLETED

Edutainment animation character design – Design characters, props for 15 minute edutainment video. – COMPLETED

Edutainment animation storyboards – Storyboards for 15 minute edutainment project. – COMPLETED

Edutainment animation screenplay – 10 minute narration script for an animated sales video. – COMPLETED

Screenplay Polish – spec feature screenplay “The Monarch Project” by Writer/Producer/Director Jeff Warrick – COMPLETED

Screenplay Analysis – short screenplay review and recommendations for a local Northern California indie producer – COMPLETED

Short Screenplay for iPad – Short screenplay for the MovieToons moviemaking app – WizarLabs Inc. – COMPLETED