Converting a screenplay to a novel: Rocket Summer – the Bun excerpt

rocket summer movie posterAnother excerpt from the slowly evolving project of converting a screenplay into a novel.

What these kids are doing  is dangerous. Someone could die.

So they’ve cobbled together a safety feature. But it needs testing… and none of them want to be the guinea pig.


There’d been some discussion over whether the seat should be tested with someone in it or not, and somehow it had been resolved by strapping a giant pink stuffed rabbit into the harness. It was a ratty old thing, as big as a fourth grader, with open seams and worn ears, and one plastic eye turned permanently sideways. Kenny assured everyone he’d long outgrown it and was happy to donate it to the cause, but he still insisted on being the one to belt it in and Lacey was pretty sure he was talking to it as he did.

Darlene tied a rope to the red ring, and they knelt behind the truck. She handed the rope to Kenny, slapped his helmet. “Ready?”

“Ready.” He yanked the rope, which yanked the ring.

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