Confessions Of A Grammar Nazi

I’m sorry. I don’t do it on purpose, I swear it’s a sickness.

A side effect of what I do for a living. But I can’t not see these things.

I see them at speed on the freeway as we pass obscure signs.

I see them in legal documents, and published books, and product labels.

It just. Won’t. Stop.

So there I was, watching America’s Got Talent tonight, during the perfectly lovely rendition of Brave by Calysta Bevier, during which the lyrics were projected on the piano…

And for less than a second the word “EMPTY” appeared.

And it was misspelled.


  • National TV doesn’t use spellcheck
  • I wish I didn’t have this radar so I could just enjoy stuff

Forgive me. But I can’t not see it, and I can’t not point it out.