Charlie Sheen Roast: Insert Joke Here

Charlie Sheen is getting toasted roasted on Comedy Central – insert joke here.

Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast
Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast

Is this too easy?

We know you’ve got one in you. You  prolly already Tweeted it, or Facebooked it, or foursquared it, or Google+d it.

So share it here. Nobody’s gonna give you the chance to stand at the podium and give it to Charlie face to face. Might as well get it off your chest.

Charlie himself said “”You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this roast for a while. It’s time to light it up. It’s going to be epic.”

I for one never found Two and a Half Men a funny show. Its schtick always felt like a variation on Golden Girls … instead of “isn’t it funny when old ladies talk about sex” it was “isn’t it funny when 11 year old boys talk about sex”. Well, maybe, until he wasn’t 11 any more. Then it was just Three Men Talking About Sex. And that’s from a fan of several of Chuck Lorre’s projects.

But back to Charlie Sheen. (Hey, so I’m late to the dance. I’m struggling to catch up, ain’t  I?)

Insert Joke Here. I’ll get you started.

“Charlie has to use Blue Steel for every emotion. Any other expression and his teeth fall out.”

Okay, not funny. Whaddya got?

Trust me. Greg Giraldo will be a lot harsher.

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