Care. Do. Impact. How A Marketing Master Is Bringing Storytelling To Google Advertising

Care. Do. Impact.

It’s been my sincere pleasure to work with Avinash over the past 6 years… as a content creator and later marketing manager for his startup Market Motive. And I’ve been lucky enough to facilitate many of his teaching webinars, where I get to listen to his insights and wisdom, and even chat with him about what I’ve learned from his preso.

One of the things I love (aside from his passionate storytelling delivery) is his ability to simplify complex processes into frameworks that are reproducible and scalable even for non-experts, precisely because they distill the challenge to its core elements that transcend mere tactic.

Thus, it’s no surprise to learn that he’s bringing this elegant business-centric storytelling framework to Google.

When I grow up, I want to be Avinash. 🙂

The Digital Evangelist Leading Google’s Storytelling Movement