Audiences Embrace Brands That Empathize With Their Aspirations

I help startups and organizations define their unique stories and find their authentic voices, so they can connect with audiences in ways that establish authority and earn trust.

Because people don’t want a thing for the sake of the thing. They have a vision for how the thing is going to make their lives different, better, and more satisfying.

When you recognize the true core desire of your audience, and provide an empathetic, accessible solution to reach it, you are more than a vendor.

You’re a trusted adviser and they will be your forever customer.


I’ve been in marketing long enough to finally be tired of playing the “Fear Of Missing Out” card.

I’m uninterested in leveraging the part of the lizard brain that makes people frightened, or insecure, or otherwise susceptible to manipulation because they’ve been convinced that they must consume or fail.

People are already living in an uncertain world.

My focus is on building trust, authority, and relationships that nurture.

I’m interested in brand messaging that is relational rather than transactional.

If your brand is focused on making lives better in ways that go beyond closing a sale, I’d love to work with you to craft your message.

Let’s FIND Your Story

“I had the immense privilege of working with Chip at Market Motive. He’s methodical, he is a great project manager and always takes it to the next level when it comes to our creative collobarations (from videos to live classes to text content). If you are looking for someone to inspire you with his storytelling skills, Chip’s your man!”
– Avinash Kaushik, Author, Blogger, Digital Marketing Evangelist

“Working and learning from Chip is an absolute joy! At his core he is a thoughtful and talented storyteller. His knowledge of conversion psychology in addition to his authentic ability and desire to connect with customers and co-workers makes him an all-star marketer.”
– Danny Dover, Former Senior SEO Manager at AT&T and Lead SEO at Moz

“Chip is an expert on Brand Storytelling Strategy. He the one you want to connect with if you are interested in identifying, empathizing with, and enabling your customer’s core desires, and on storytelling to establish emotional engagement.”
– Greg Jarboe, YouTube Guru, Video Marketing Expert, President and Co-founder of SEO-PR

“Chip has proven success as a filmmaker, storyteller, and published writer, and uses these skills to establish emotional engagement and trust with an audience. Inn our marketing meetings, Chip would offer the broader picture and solutions before many of us even realized there was going to be a challenge.”
– Michael Stebbins, President OMCP, Co-Founder Market Motive

“At last, a writer who thinks like me. Only better.”
– Jessica Bowman, SEOinHouse