Customers Trust Brands That Empathize With Their Aspirations

Sounds heady, right?

Here’s what I mean.

Know Their Aspirations

People don’t want a thing for the sake of the thing. They want the thing for a reason beyond the thing.

They have a vision of how the thing is going to make their lives different, better, more satisfying.

Take a new car, for example.

For some people, they want the new car coz it will be more reliable, right?

But so what?

How does “more reliable” impact their lives?

It’s not just “less breaking down.” That’s the easy answer.

Maybe it means being able to handle a tougher commute, which means a better job, which means more income, which means the ability to help a child attend college.

New car = my kid earns a degree and has a better life and more opportunity than I did.

When you not only recognize the true core challenge your customer faces, but provide an empathetic, accessible solution to the challenge, you are more than a vendor.

You’re a trusted advisor and they will be your forever customer.

“At last, a writer who thinks like me. Only better.”
– Jessica Bowman, SEOinHouse

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My Philosophy: No Mo’ FOMO

I’ve been in marketing long enough to finally be tired of playing the “Fear Of Missing Out” card.

I’m uninterested in leveraging the part of the lizard brain that makes people frightened, or insecure, or otherwise susceptible to manipulation because they’ve been convinced that they must consume or fail.

People are already living in an uncertain world.

My focus is on building trust, authority, and relationships that nurture.

I’m interested in brand messaging that is relational rather than transactional.

That’s the only kind of marketing I do.

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