Angelico Goes To The Store

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Angelico Goes To The Store

Oh no! Angelico's favorite person Cindi Lyn isn't feeling well.


So the fluffy white kitty decides it's up to him to find her the tea and honey she needs to feel better.


He asks his kitty roommate Veto to keep an eye on Cindi Lyn, grabs the keys, and heads for the car.


But it's a long way to the store, he can't steer and reach the pedals at the same time, and the drive takes longer than he expects.


With the help of the nice man at the store with the wiggly mustache, Angelico must find the tea and honey that Cindi Lyn needs to get her runny nose under control and feel better again.


Join Angelico for a fun, sweet adventure about caring for the ones we love.

Amazon Reviews for Angelico

"Funny and heartwarming."

"The first night we read this at bed time, my 4-year-old daughter insisted on reading it twice, back to back. Last night, she did stories with her mother, and roped her into reading it to her twice as well. Definitely a new favorite in our house."

"My seven year old granddaughter read this to my 4 1/2 year old grandson. They both liked it and laughed a lot. But she thought the cat should have been able to drive the car more easily ;-). He really liked the part with the tea and honey. 🙂 And they both thought the cat sitting her head, and the cat holding down the sunshine was hilarious."

Title: Angelico Goes To The Store
Release Date: 2017
Pages: 46
ISBN13: 978-1520210995