12 Funny Faces For You To Try

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12 Funny Faces For You To Try Picture Book

Everybody has a face. And everybody's face can show how we feel.


These 12 silly, goofy, funny, sad, tired, and loving faces will charm your little one into making their favorite faces, and sharing what makes them feel the way they feel.


Great for bedtime or anytime, it's a fun way to talk about feelings while making lots of goofy faces together!


Who wouldn't like to do that?

Amazon Reviews

"Excellent! Simple like Mr. Rogers. Children will practice these faces many times...especially when there is some confusion on how to express emotions. Definite recommendation for Play Therapist."

Title: 12 Funny Faces For You To Try: From Happy To Angry To Silly To Loved, Faces Share Our Feelings
Release Date: 2017
Pages: 32
ISBN13: 978-1520710723