12 Funny Faces For You To Try

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12 Funny Faces For You To Try Picture Book

Everybody has a face. And everybody's face can show how we feel.


These 12 silly, goofy, funny, sad, tired, and loving faces will charm your little one into making their favorite faces, and sharing what makes them feel the way they feel.


Great for bedtime or anytime, it's a fun way to talk about feelings while making lots of goofy faces together!


Who wouldn't like to do that?

Amazon Reviews

"Excellent! Simple like Mr. Rogers. Children will practice these faces many times...especially when there is some confusion on how to express emotions. Definite recommendation for Play Therapist."

Title: 12 Funny Faces For You To Try: From Happy To Angry To Silly To Loved, Faces Share Our Feelings
Release Date: 2017
Pages: 32
ISBN13: 978-1520710723
ASIN: B06XC5X8SM      

Rocket Summer

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rocket summer YA novel

"...a real page-turner ... riveting and profound" - Binghamton Children's Books Examiner


This might be the dumbest thing they've ever done.


Lacey Patterson just made an exciting - and dangerous - discovery.


She's found an old crate filled with surplus military rockets.


Now, she could do the right thing, like telling her dad...


Or she could do the fun thing, and talk her friends Kenny and Charlie into building a rocket-powered car on the outskirts of town.


It's not like anybody pays any attention to what they're up to. Her dad is still mourning her mom's passing after three years, so he's splitting his time between working and sitting alone in a dark house.


And Kenny's old man pretty much ignores him and his sister Darlene, unless they forget to feed the chickens... even then all they get is a whack and a bruise. That's why stealing parts from his shop seems like the best and worst part of the plan.


Charlie's dad might be their biggest problem... not only is he all attentive and curious and whatnot, he's the Sheriff. So keeping him in the dark is job one.


Of course, they've got no skills for building cars, and none of them even has a license. But with enough duct tape and baling wire, and a healthy dose of not-knowing-any-better, they're bent on making this a summer to remember... if they can just stay alive long enough to enjoy it.


If you're looking for a YA coming-of-age story that's funny, thrilling, and heart-breaking, this is the one.

"Rocket Summer is a book about coming of age issues, family issues, and friendship. However, it's also about accomplishing goals ... There were several instances in which I held my breath because it is a real page turner. You'll find yourself wanting to get to the end of the book to find out if they succeeded in building a rocket car that really works!

Then the tension created by Lacey's antagonist, Darlene (Kenny's older sister) provides great drama as the two girls rivaled each other in a display of mechanical and engineering talents and hands-on experience.

Street has a knack for writing riveting and profound opening lines and paragraphs that are metaphorically charged, as can be seen throughout many chapters in the book.

Rocket Summer is a great book to hold on to; kids will keep coming back for a second and third read!"

-D.B. Rhoomes - Binghamton Children's Books Examiner

Title: Rocket Summer
Published by: Self
Release Date: 2012
Pages: 210
ISBN13: 978-1480202627
ASIN: B00A6407DK      
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Angelico Goes To The Store

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Angelico Goes To The Store

Oh no! Angelico's favorite person Cindi Lyn isn't feeling well.


So the fluffy white kitty decides it's up to him to find her the tea and honey she needs to feel better.


He asks his kitty roommate Veto to keep an eye on Cindi Lyn, grabs the keys, and heads for the car.


But it's a long way to the store, he can't steer and reach the pedals at the same time, and the drive takes longer than he expects.


With the help of the nice man at the store with the wiggly mustache, Angelico must find the tea and honey that Cindi Lyn needs to get her runny nose under control and feel better again.


Join Angelico for a fun, sweet adventure about caring for the ones we love.

Amazon Reviews for Angelico

"Funny and heartwarming."

"The first night we read this at bed time, my 4-year-old daughter insisted on reading it twice, back to back. Last night, she did stories with her mother, and roped her into reading it to her twice as well. Definitely a new favorite in our house."

"My seven year old granddaughter read this to my 4 1/2 year old grandson. They both liked it and laughed a lot. But she thought the cat should have been able to drive the car more easily ;-). He really liked the part with the tea and honey. 🙂 And they both thought the cat sitting her head, and the cat holding down the sunshine was hilarious."

Title: Angelico Goes To The Store
Release Date: 2017
Pages: 46
ISBN13: 978-1520210995
ASIN: B01M3SWGQZ      

21 Things You Need To Know About Screenplay Options

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21 Things You Need To Know About Screenplay Options

You've written a screenplay. Now someone wants to option it.


Lucky you.


But what's that mean for you, exactly? Do you know how to make sure you're getting the best deal?


Of course, you should have an entertainment attorney.


But you're going to be hearing a lot of complicated legalese that you won't understand.


This layman's overview gives you the basics so you'll be able to ask your attorney the right questions, negotiate your best price and perks, and protect your precious intellectual property.


Based on the highly rated series of blog posts by an indie screenwriter, drawn from his own successful negotiations. This information has been cited and referenced by the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, ScriptTips, and SimplyScripts, and remains one of the top articles about screenplay options on Google.


You'll learn:

  • What an option is and how it's different from a sale.
  • Why producers don't just buy your screenplay in the first place.
  • How much you'll get paid.
  • How to ask for bonus payments.
  • When to turn down an option.
  • What "equity" means, and the difference between backend "points" and "percentage."
  • What a "box office bonus" is.
  • How to get paid for NOT writing.
  • And more.


"Street has some experience with options ... his insight could be of great help down the road, when you become faced with an option situation."
-- BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Title: 21 Things You Need To Know About Screenplay Options: The Indie Screenwriter's Guide To Protecting Yourself And Getting The Best Deal
Release Date: 2018
Genre: ,
ASIN: B07J1L5QLB      


As an indie screenwriter, I've been through the option gauntlet a number of times now, and I get asked about the experience and the process all the time.


And I know how much I appreciate when I stumble across some good first-hand info.


So I figured I'd gather the notes that came out of my experience and share them, in the hopes that it'll prove useful to others.


Of course, I'm no lawyer, but I did pay one (a really good one, too!) to represent me in my deals. I wanted to learn, so I involved myself in the negotiation process, and reviewed each round of revisions on the offers and eventual contracts, asking lots of questions, and taking lots of notes.


I asked my attorney to mark up the contract with all the items of concern or negotiation he could think of... then I had him go over them with me, and explain things to me that I didn't understand.


I flagged the things I wanted to ask for in my option deal and removed the things I felt were over-reaching or I just didn't think I needed.


Then we finalized the option that eventually led to the sale of that first script.


Now that I've got a handle on the basic vocabulary and have some sense of what it is I should be looking for, I don't feel like an outsider in my own negotiations.


Hopefully, this can help you feel a little more informed as well.

Hide & Seek With Beverly

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Hide & Seek With Beverly Picture Book

Count along with Beverly as her friends run and hide.


It's a fun time playing outdoors at the park on a beautiful sunny day.


Beverly, Steven, and Michael are playing hide and seek. It's Beverly's turn to seek, and as she counts to ten Steven and Michael rush to find a good hiding place.


Can she find them? Can you? Maybe they're on the slide, or under the park bench, or hiding behind the drinking fountain.


Follow along as Beverly counts from one to ten, and watch as Steven and Michael do their best to hide while hanging on to a bouncy ball and a teddy bear.

Title: Hide And Seek With Beverly: A Day At The Park Has Never Been So Much Fun
Release Date: 2017
Pages: 29
ISBN13: 978-1520512563