Arrrr! Video Pirates in the North Sea!

pirate-bayGreat article on Reuters about film piracy, Pirate Bay*, and how the industry is coping.

Thanks to the bandwidth required to share movies and the rise of the DVD in the late 1990s, Hollywood was spared a few years before piracy reached its glitzy shores, and studio moguls were able to learn from the music industry’s clumsy response to file-sharing technology. But that doesn’t mean they’ve figured it out. Piracy grows bigger every day, and movie studios and television networks are scrambling to find a way to save their industry. Do you lace more and better encryption into your DVDs and Blu-Rays? Offer your own movies and TV shows online for a small subscription or a few commercials to sit through? Sue the bastards?

* Yeah, I stole the Pirate Bay logo for the blog. Like they’re gonna call copyright infringement on me?

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