Aquapolis Mobile Game – Fun Dialog

So I’m replaying Aquapolis… it’s a gas reading the dialog I wrote as it reveals itself through gameplay.

This game already had a great following overseas, but they were prepping to release it into the US market, and the dialog and copy needed some localization to sound right for US players.

So I did a lot of editing on all the existing content, and wrote a lot of brand new content for new levels that were being added as the US launch approached.

“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before. I also like the work you’ve done with the characters, making Lana a bit more assertive, introducing a couple of running jokes …”
Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games

Over a million downloads on Android alone… super proud of this.

Great job, CandyGrill team!

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