Angelico’s featured on Best eBooks

Look! Angelico’s new Kindle #PictureBook is featured on best-Ebooks.CA eBooks!

It’s a paid service I’m trying out… I tried it once for a giveaway of Rocket Summer, and again this week for Angelico.

They list your book on their site for a year, but it’s unclear how much traffic that really means… they don’t post their traffic numbers, and they don’t show any traffic numbers on any of the free traffic estimators I tried… Open Site Explorer, SEMRush, etc.

They also tweet about your title on their twitter page for a full three days. That feels like it’s got more value, just given that they’ve got 66,000 followers on Twitter, which is pretty impressive.

The page for your book on their site has a button that points to Amazon of course, and the links they post in their Twitter feed point to that page on their site. So I can’t see any traffic numbers, and have no way of knowing if they’ve generated any DLs for me at Amazon.

So it’s an experiment… we’ll see if it’s worth doing again.

Check out the site listing here: