3D films, pirating, indies and writers

The current trend toward 3D films (and there are several technologies vying for supremecy – vhs v beta all over again – see a great FORTUNE article here, and a more current TIME article here) means new complications for pirates (movie pirates, not seafaring pirates — meaning pirates of movies, not pirates in movies) and new opportunites for indies if they can figure out the basics and pull off the shooting.

There’s a discussion over at John August’s blog … check out the comments to see how some readers are deconstructing the pirating process. And a discussion over at indieclub.com among the micro-indies about how to pull off the shooting.

Is 3D a filmmaker’s hedge against pirating? And for how long?

Will micro-indies be left behind as audiences come to expect 3D, or will they be able to find micro-budget technologies that will allow them to compete?

And will 3D change the stories writers choose to write, and the way they write them?

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